SportAcademy 101

This course will provide all organisations or individuals interested in hosting a course in SportAcademy with a first-hand user experience. Through this course, enrolled persons will be able to understand how the content appears in the SportAcademy platform for learners both in web browsers and in the SportAcademy app. Furthermore, through this interactive experience, enrolled professionals will receive the necessary information for the development of course contents and the design of their own course to be hosted by the platform.

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Sport Academy · 2023-08-04

This course will lay down the basics of course design and course content development for users to understand the necessary requirements for the integration of course content in the platform.

Moreover, you will become familiar with the user experience and the interface, in order to accommodate their course design and deliver a significant, enjoyable and interactive experience for learners, all of it by living the learning experience on your own.

Besides, it will also provide recommendations and advice for the development of the course and the necessary tools for the standardisation of content.

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Course Includes

  • 8 Lessons
  • 12 Topics
  • 1 Quiz